bal Medicine – How Do We Know Medicinal Herbs Work?

Herbal Medicine – How Do We Know Medicinal Herbs Work?

The use and application of herbal medicine to treat certain illnesses is now referred to as an alternative medicine, which is also another way of referring to medicinal treatment outside Western culture. Before the advent of commercial medications and treatments that we are indulging in today, our ancestors relied on these herbs to cure their diseases. Whether they really worked or not is something of an issue that still plague the use of these herbs. One can only rely on the testaments of their parents, grandparents, or anyone they know who are fond of using alternative medicine.
With people still in the scientific way of thinking when it comes to medication, it’s pretty difficult to establish the efficacy of herbal medicine based on scientific standards. There are still several issues and problems regarding herbal medicine.
–Clinical trials that are needed to be done in order to prove their efficacy is expensive. The main question here is “WHO WILL PAY FOR THESE TRIALS?” Groups that run these trials like hospitals, private organizations, and governmental agencies have little or no interest at all when it comes to proving the efficacy of herbal medicines unless it is something which they can profit from, like a proprietary patent from an herbal product. Of course, patenting an herbal product is a different issue.
–The main reason why herbal medicines cannot be patented is because of their complexity, nor can they be patented in their whole form. A herb is made up of thousands of constituents and medicinal herbs are not prescribed as single herbs, but rather combined with several herbs. Basically, a herbal treatment or product will not be patented as a single product because of the numerous ingredients involved.
–It’s difficult to gauge the impact of the herbs on our bodies even if we are going to follow the modern medicinal set-up. For example, herbs that improve digestion may be made up of several herbs and taken orally, but it’s another story to put the same herbs in pill form and expect the same optimal output. The reaction of our bodies to herbs is something that cannot be measured in laboratories because herbs are meant to create responses that will restore our health, unlike Western medicine that controls these responses.
Herbal medicine is something that’s both ancient and modern at the same time. Scientists are restricted by both logic and science to go beyond their ability to comprehend the healing powers of these natural remedies.