Green Depression Glass

Green Depression Glass

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Regardless of the name, “Depression Glass” in reality made its first appearance in the mid-1920s before the start of the 1929 Great Depression, with some of the patterns of the glass still being manufactured as far long as the 1950’s. However, the bulk production from glass companies of this particular glass was during the height of the Great Depression, therefore its name.

Many years ago, a lot of people associate ‘Depression Glass’ with the “prizes” found in the boxes of oatmeal, and yes it was indeed found in oatmeal, particularly the Quaker Oats cereal company who literally saved one glass company from bankruptcy by ordering numerous boxcar loads of Depression Glass during a predominantly lean time at some point in the Great Depression years.

However, this ‘Depression Glass’ not only found its way into American life through oatmeal boxes, but movie houses also gave them away to attract customers in on slow nights. Gas stations also rewarded its patrons frequenting their businesses with this type of glass, and even restaurants used this inexpensive, eye-catching glass to strengthen relations between new customers as well as regulars.

But the majority of the ‘Depression Glass’ sold, undoubtedly came from the many so-called “five-and-dime” stores that flourished that time, where housewives could purchase much of their basic daily necessities at low prices. The appealing pastel colors of ‘Depression Glass’ such as pinks, blues, yellows, and greens, and its frequent-intricate patterns attracted many people then, just as they do now.

The various colors of yellows, pinks, blues, ambers, and greens, together with its designs, do not only brighten a home but also serve to hide the flaws intrinsic in this attractive yet inexpensively made glassware. Green Depression Glass is among the favorite color of a lot of people, as its calm and soothing color accentuates almost any display shelf or home. ‘Depression Glass’ comes in an array of bowls, cookie jars, cups, plate, saucer, tumblers, and candlesticks. Here is some Antique Green Depression Glass finds which was manufactured by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company being sold by Depression Glass Antiques:

Green Depression Glass Cream Soup Bowl – Royal Ace Pattern
This green Depression glass is with Royal Lace pattern and was manufactured between 1934 and 1941 by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company in West Virginia and Zanesville, Ohio. This is one of the most popular Depression glass patterns, and is still in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
Price: $40.00

Green Depression Glass Cup and Saucer
This green Depression glass cup and saucer is with Royal Lace patterns also manufactured between 1934 and 1941 by the same manufacturing company. It is also in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
Price: $24.00

Green Depression Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers
Manufactured between 1934 and 1941 by Hazel Atlas Glass Company, this Depression Glass is designed with one of the most famous glass patterns, Royal Lace patterns, and is also in excellent condition with no chips or crack.
Price: $140.00

Today, ‘Depression Glass’ still continue to beautify, light and warm the homes of many people as it did during the Great Depression period.