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Summary: The importance of low cholesterol food.

The risks of developing heart disease probably scared some people out of their wits. Some have engaged in strenuous physical activities, others have become low cholesterol food conscious, and a few have resorted to taking lowering cholesterol medications. While all of these are confirmed to be of help when you aim to reduce your cholesterol numbers, you must make sure that your cholesterol levels really require these.

As with exercise, eating low cholesterol food should not only be triggered by an extremely high cholesterol level. These two safe practices are good foundations to avoiding having heart disease risk factors. Exercise increases your HDL or good cholesterol which is essential in mopping away cholesterol build up on the walls of the blood vessels. A low cholesterol food would mean less saturated fat and low dietary cholesterol content. Since the liver can produce sufficient cholesterol for the body’s needs, dietary cholesterol, mostly found in animal products, are not at all needed. Saturated fats, mostly found in animal products as well, are said to be more harmful when taken in excess than the dietary cholesterol. These kinds of fats make the liver produce 4 time more cholesterol than it normally does. Another harmful type of fat that should not be contained in any low cholesterol food is the trans fat or what food labels term as “hydrogenated oil”. This type acts like the saturated fats as well and should therefore be avoided. Most sources of the trans fats are the processed foods. They are present in these foods as a result of food processing. Therefore, a low cholesterol food should contain as less saturated fat as the dietary cholesterol to be a more effective tool in lowering a person’s cholesterol level.

Weight problems should also be considered. A low cholesterol food intake may not be the only thing that an overweight person needs to watch out for. Calories play a great part in increasing cholesterol level because a good thirty percent of these calories come from fat. Thus, a high calorie intake would mean a high fat intake. High fat intake would include saturated fat intake. And we have laid the foundation of what these types of fats are capable of doing.

Watching out for these fats in the low cholesterol food should not only be the case. There helpful contents that may help in lowering one’s cholesterol. Soluble fiber actually aids in the lowering of cholesterol levels in the blood. An example of a low cholesterol food that contains this fiber is oats.

Eating a low cholesterol food is not only the concern of those individuals with high cholesterol levels. It is also a good prevention tool for people who are not at risk of any heart disease.