Cholesterol High Foods

Cholesterol High Foods

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Before you eat that delicious dish on your favorite restaurant, be sure to ask the server how it was prepared. How about eggs, cheese and bacon? Hmmm… they sure are good at breakfast. What about steaks, cakes ice cream? Better think twice before putting them in your mouth. One of life’s ironies is that the better it tastes the higher the chance it has high cholesterol content.

If you have high blood cholesterol level it doesn’t mean you should be a vegetarian. It means that you have got to control yourself from eating cholesterol high foods. Cholesterol high foods have two major nutrients; saturated fat and cholesterol.

Saturated fat is a variety that found mostly in animal products. They are responsible for elevating your LDL cholesterol or “bad” cholesterol level. It is one of the major factors of having heart attacks. To make it simple, lessening the amount of saturated fat intake in your body is a very important step in lessening your cholesterol levels. Stopping the intake of saturated fat has no effect whatsoever (except in taste of your food). Your body produces all the cholesterol you ever need.

You must recognize the value of “cholesterol free foods” because dietary cholesterol is barely as harmful as the amount of saturated fats in your foods. They may be called cholesterol high foods or foods that have high cholesterol; as a matter of fact it is not the cholesterol content that the food has but it is the saturated fat which causes the liver to generate more harmful cholesterol.

So that you may know, the liver generates four times the quantity of cholesterol from our food intake. That is why saturated fat is more harmful than dietary cholesterol. Take for example the coconut oil, it may be cholesterol free but it is highly saturated which make the liver to produce more harmful cholesterol. Saturated fat also increases the triglyceride levels and thickens the blood. In contrast, seafood contains cholesterol but is also has a protective fats that’s called “polyunsaturated fats”. It makes the liver produce less harmful cholesterol and more protective HDL cholesterol or “good” cholesterol.

Keep this in mind that rather than worry regarding cholesterol high foods, you should worry about foods that has high saturated fats. Cholesterol high foods are foods that are high in triglycerides or saturated fats. Cholesterol high foods are mostly found in animal products. Also, you must avoid processed and prepared foods. You may find them convenient in your fast-paced everyday life; you must also be aware that these are cholesterol high foods and is also high in saturated fats.

All in all, bear in mind that there may be cholesterol reducing medicines, they may have some side effects on your body. It is advisable that you take a clinically and scientifically proven cholesterol lowering supplement. It increases your good cholesterol and at the same time lowers the bad cholesterol without any side effects.