{You may have had breast cancer treatment

{You may have had breast cancer treatment

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{If you have undergone breast cancer treatment, it is very crucial you pay constant visits to your gynecologist during the procedure and even after the treatment. This is important because it will help to prevent you from having problem of cervical cancer and atrophy of the vagina. |If you have just had breast cancer surgery, you don’t have to worry because side effects from this procedure do not last for a very long time. You can go back to your normal sex life six months after having breast cancer treatment. However, the period of waiting to be fit will not be without stress and tension so you will need to stick to the instructions of your doctor. }

{Do you know that lots of rumors abound about what causes breast cancer in women? The effects of these unfounded claims are rife among young ladies. These rumors usually posit that products like antiperspirant or mouthwashes can lead to breast cancer. |Some people hold it has a conviction that waxing or shaving the armpit contributes to having breast cancer problems. So far these claims are false in that there are no scientific proofs to back them. Hence, you should not worry about these rumors they are unfounded and can only spoil your fun. |Large breasts can not cause cancer. Most people claim that women with big size breasts are at risk of having cancer this is not true. Presumptions like this are the handiwork of ignorant people who are in the habit of saying what they think. You should never take these suppositions seriously. }

{Age normally plays a role in the cause of breast cancer especially in women. It has been founded with clear proofs that the age of a woman can be linked to the risk of having breast cancer. This is quite explicable in that the younger a woman is the less likely it is for her to have breast cancer. It is also known that breast cancer can be diagnosed in a woman from twenty years though in rare cases. |Do you know that the heavier and taller you are the higher the risk of your having breast cancer? However, the risk reduces with the number of children you have. Hence the faster you get pregnant the less your risk of having breast cancer this is because nursing greatly to serves to lower the risk of having breast cancer. }

{Women tend to be diagnosed with breast cancer these days because they prefer to have fewer children and hardly get pregnant. Little wonder there are rampant diagnosis of breast cancer. Are your shocked? |Provision of good food and dieting habits are some of the factors that help contribute to breast cancer. These factors promote heaviness of the body as well as make women taller. Consider changing you diet if you want to reduce being at risk of breast cancer.|Do you know that hormonal disorders lead to having breast cancer? You are at risk of having breast cancer if you have a hormonal problem since there will be need to treat the disorder. The impact of hormonal treatment may contribute immensely to breast cancer.}