{Have you heard of ductal breast cancer? The cause of ductal cancer is not known

{Have you heard of ductal breast cancer? The cause of ductal cancer is not known

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{There are various kinds of breast cancer surgeries. Hence the size of the tumor in the breast is what usually determines the kind of surgery to be used. The size may be influenced by its growth or how far it has spread to other parts of the breast. |Sometimes doctors do not perform breast cancer operation until they cut out a little portion of the lump. This is done when the type of cancer is not known due to the difficulties that may inhibit the proper diagnosis of the disease. The lump will have to be properly examined with a microscope to find out its type before the final removal of the whole of it. }

{As a potential patient for a breast cancer surgery it is important you know the different kinds of surgeries that you may undergo. There is a surgery that is performed to remove the whole breast called mastectomy. The other one is segmentectomy this type is carried out to remove a segment of the breast. You may likely have any of these performed on you depending on the circumstances or stages of your breast cancer. |There are times when after undergoing any of the surgeries involved in breast cancer that complementary treatments will be necessary. These treatments are radiotherapy or chemotherapy. They are needed in order to help reduce the risk o f the cancer coming back. |If you had a mastectomy carried out on you. This means that the whole breast had been removed. Doctors may find it necessary that you have radiotherapy. This is done to ensure that all cancerous cells have been eliminated, especially the lymph nodes just above the cola bones. }

{When it comes to treating breast cancer, doctors don’t always insist that a patient must undergo surgery. As professionals they try to follow your wishes. They have to do this because they know that no matter what, most women would love to hold on to their breasts for as long as it takes them to live. The choice is always for the patient to decide on what they prefer.|}

{Women tend to be diagnosed with breast cancer these days because they prefer to have fewer children and hardly get pregnant. Little wonder there are rampant diagnosis of breast cancer. Are your shocked? |Provision of good food and dieting habits are some of the factors that help contribute to breast cancer. These factors promote heaviness of the body as well as make women taller. Consider changing you diet if you want to reduce being at risk of breast cancer.|Do you know that hormonal disorders lead to having breast cancer? You are at risk of having breast cancer if you have a hormonal problem since there will be need to treat the disorder. The impact of hormonal treatment may contribute immensely to breast cancer.}