Do you know that emotional stress can cause cancer? It does, but it does not affect every body uniformly

Do you know that emotional stress can cause cancer? It does, but it does not affect every body uniformly

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Do you know that cancer normally forms in a cellular state? When stress occurs in the body cells it can cause them to be short of adrenaline from there the cells become high in sugar and low in oxygen, making them more susceptible to becoming cancerous. |Treatment of breast cancer comes in different stages and categories. Hence if you are diagnosed with breast cancer you will need to know the level the tumor has grown to, your age and the status of your menopause and other factors that might influence the treatment. Your doctor will help you out in this and ensure you ask for this information concerning your chances of surviving the disease.

It is not certain whether a treated breast cancer problem will reappear again. However, there is no need to live in fear there are various treatments like chemotherapy and others that can be performed on you again to make certain that the progression of cancerous cells are always checked so have no fear.|Lumpectomy may be the first type of surgery that will be done on some patients with breast cancer. The procedure involves the removal of the tumor or the lump in the breast more so, it could also be necessary to take away the lymph nodes that are near the tumor. Why this has to be done is that the chances of the cancerous cells spreading to these nodes are very high. Hence if not removed they could lead to the patient to having another cancer. |Typically after undergoing normal surgery there is need for a chemotherapy treatment to be performed on the patient. Normally a chemotherapy can take about ten weeks to be completed. However what determine the length of the chemo treatment is the progress made. There is also a possibility of going through radiation therapy. So it is advisable that you are emotionally and financially prepared for all these line of treatments.

It is important you know this that breast cancer related surgeries usually take time to be completed. This has to be so because doctors have to ensure that there are no risks of patient having breast cancer again. Hence it is important to eliminate all the cancerous cell and this will take some time. |As part of informing you on what to expect during and after a breast cancer surgery. You should know from now that the treatment of breast cancer usually takes time and also there are side effects that come with the various treatments that will be performed on you. Taking of drugs like Tamoxifen is a common feature in the process of breast cancer treatment.

When it comes to breast cancer surgery it can become necessary at times to carry out a mastectomy. A mastectomy is a surgical operation done to cut away a complete or a part of the breast. These must have to be done if the doctors have all the proofs that it is the best for you. You can always undergo a reconstruction surgery to help restore your breast artificially.|Most people are under the false impression that all breast cancers are the same. There are several kinds of breast cancers and they don’t even appear the same when examined physically. Some breast cancers show up as lump while others just appear in a swollen or inflamed manner. |One type of cancer that is not common and which most patients or people don’t know about is the inflammatory breast cancer. It is said to occur in one percent out of six percent of all breast cancer diagnosis. As a peculiarity it is of all cancers the most destructive of cancers.