Symptoms of Prostate Problems

Symptoms of Prostate Problems

Just like women and menopause, men fear when the time comes around the ages of 40 or 50 when prostate begins to fail.
Low libido, sexual dysfunction, and erectile difficulties are the trademarks of a failing prostate and in a wrong sense: a failing masculinity.

Symptoms of prostate problems do not only include low libido, sexual dysfunction and erectile difficulties however. Concealed lumps that signal the presence of cancers, frequent (and infrequent) and painful urination are among the dreaded symptoms of prostate problems that every aging and NON AGING male should know about.

While a good number of men consider prostate problems as cancer, actually only a few percentage of the prostate conditions are actually cancer. Here are the prostate and symptoms of prostate problem.

Prostatism is prostate problem, and only a few people know that it is. And fewer still know that prostastism is a NOT a sexually transmitted disease, and a sexual partner cannot catch the disease. All prostatism cases are bacterial in origin, often resulted by other problems like the proliferation of bacteria due to an obstruction of the urethra; a recent bladder infection; microbe penetration like Chlamydia (which can be transmitted by intercourse); or from a careless catheter use. Symptoms of prostate problems include fever with chills and pains, especially in the lower back and the genital area, urinary urgency accompanied with burning sensation and a discharge from the penis.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (or BPH) is a prostate problem common to older males. A typical BPH symptom shows the prostate getting larger until it presses against the urethra and bladder, thus interfering with the urine flow. The symptoms of prostate problems are the frequency of urination then the hesitancy to urinate, where the BPH sufferer experiences frequent urges to urinate but passes small amounts of urine.

Though medical science is still yet to find the relationship of BPH to sexual dysfunction, BPH sufferers does experience low libido and erectile difficulties while also experiencing difficulty in urinating.

Prostate cancer is a disease when the prostate develops a cancer. And because it deceptively includes a larger range of symptoms of prostate problems and is deadly if untreated, it has become the most prevalent issues why males have gone into annual examinations. Like any other cancer, prostate cancer rarely manifests itself early. But after a while, it begins to manifest itself by causing symptoms similar to other disease like BPH and prostatism.

It is advised that the male population should be watchful of these symptoms. All of these can be fatal and can do irreversible damage to the prostate.