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Air Duct Cleaning – Could the Air in Your Home Be Making You Sick?

Nicky, a precious two year old, was referred to me by his pediatrician. The toddler had several symptoms that failed to present a definite diagnosis. He was vomiting alternate day, was suffering from daily frequent urination, had little appetite, along hives on his back. The pediatrician performed a whole physical exam and blood test around the boy. The examination appeared normal apart from the unsightly hives. The blood test showed no infection or pathology. The pediatrician thought the little boy may be experiencing food allergies and referred him in my experience.

When I moved from the upper Midwest to central Texas I soon started to feel like I was losing charge of my seasonal hypersensitivity. “Cedar fever”, a phrase for your malaise that afflicts a lot of people when cedar pollen counts are high, hits me hard. Fall brings nasal congestion, itchy to slightly sore throat, irritated eyes, post-nasal drip and quite often a productive cough. I feel like I am coming down having a cold on / off for weeks.

There are so many important issues inside our world today worth picketing over. If parents wish to teach their children social justice, there are lots of productive items to fight for. Our economy is shambles, our soldiers are fighting in lots of wars, school budgets are diminishing. But to train your young ones to fight for the little inconvenience to save another child is hard to fathom.

  1. Inhalant or atopic allergy
    This is among the most severe allergy which can be caused on account of dust mite, pollen grains, molds, dust, feather and grains. The symptoms include face rubbing, thinning hair, itching, pimple like lesions, pustules, red bumps, papules and biting. If the reason behind the allergy isn’t feasible to remove completely from the planet then you certainly must use dog care goods like shampoos, corticosteroids and allergy shots.
  2. Step 4 is to watch the meals consume. While it may seem like a nonsense notion, foods have been shown cause ragweed allergies to become intensified, and so you could make your allergy break outs worse. Try experimenting, and see which foods cause you more discomfort to discount your triggers.